Fashion meets Technology

FashTech Munich connects the fashion, technology and health industry. We inspire people and enable the dialogue between thinkers, founders, developers, designers, CEOs and fashion retailers.

Our talks and networking events are about innovative business models, wearables, cutting edge technologies, big data and how it impacts sectors such as retail, production/logistics and health.

Wearables & Style

  • Textile and Materials
  • Wearable Technology
  • Fashion Design
  • Jewellery

M-Health & Medical

  • Mobile Health Applications
  • Sensors, RFID, NFC
  • Body care
  • Fashion connects

Shopping Experiences

  • Future Retail
  • E-Commerce
  • Mobile Experience
  • Online & Offline Experience

Production & Logistics

  • Manufacturing process
  • Logistical processes
  • RFID, NFC, Sensors
  • Sustainability



Alexandra is a founding partner of Feldstark, a strategic design firm that creates digital products, services and brand experiences. Together with her team she merge creativity, design and technology to help businesses deliver great customer experiences and innovations. She worked for companies in various industries – from the automotive industry to telecommunications, the financial sector, retail, services, consumer electronics as well as for the healthcare industry.


Jewell is the Founder and CEO of Strategic Diversity Group Inc. (The BITHOUSE.IO, WUNDERJEWEL, VC Collective and OTGC On the Green Carpet, AgTech2050). She is a global business leader with technical expertise that spans across various industries. The last couple of years her focus has primarily been on wearables, IoT and factors which enable adoption, privacy and human interaction of these innovative products being brought to market.


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